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Longyan ZHONGYANG Commodity CO., Ltd
Add: (No.4-10 plat) Longzhou Industrial Park, Longyan city, Fujian Province,China
Tel: 0086-597-2383610
Fax: 0086-597-2102929
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Yang Longyan in Fujian Commodity Co., Ltd. is specialized in bamboo products, a research and development, production and sales of integrated enterprise. Company,s main brand "in the ocean" of the two sub-brand "family home", "pink" in the market have a certain reputation, and the main brand "in the ocean"and "pink"as  "Fujian Famous Brand." The main products are: bamboo toothpick, bamboo craft chopsticks, bamboo pull vegetables, bamboo mat, bamboo spoon / shovel and other series of bamboo products. Bamboo toothpick in which there are more than 200 series of packaging products: bamboo sticks, fruit sign, incense and other bamboo products into account the core more than 50 products. An annual output of 5,000 tons of finished products such as bamboo toothpicks,
Products sold in Southeast Asia, the Middle East region and the country among major cities.
Founded in 1998, is located in the convenient transportation and beautiful environment of the state of Fujian Long Industrial Park, covers an area of 50 mu, building area of 23,000 square meters, the Department of Longyan City in Fujian forestry industry leading enterprises. CIS planning and design company has imported passed ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification. Existing enterprise employees 130 people, including technical personnel 10 people. The company has advanced production line of bamboo products, high-quality management and excellent marketing team. The company after 10 years of development, and constantly develop, innovate, develop new products, optimize production resources, improve the sales channels. High-quality products based on
Customer-zero complaint guarantee, and continuously grow and develop.
10 years, the ocean continues to grow and always forget to return the process of social, welfare agencies, many caring donors, and actively sponsored by China Sports Federation. Of foreigners creator with a sincere and grateful heart, look forward to work together with colleagues, and common development, while for the community to do - were heart, can do something!


Longyan ZHONGYANG Commodity CO., Ltd
Add: (No.4-10 plat) Longzhou Industrial Park, Longyan city, Fujian Province,China
Tel: 0086-597-2383610    Fax: 0086-597-2102929
Web: www.zyryp.com       www.lysunyang.com